Jungles at the Movies in London

We've been doing our first international tour this week, in London, and earlier this week we hosted a screening of Jungles films old and new at The Mondrian, which has a beautiful little movie theater in the basement. Always nice to add popcorn and vodka to the mix! Thanks to everyone who came out. Sign up for our newsletter (at the footer of this page) to get updates on future events on both sides of the Atlantic.


Song of the Kurds: Dengbêj

No 60

The Kurdish people have a word—dengbêj—for a singer of epic tales of love and war, resistance and suffering. These bards belt out their songs at high volume. But for much of recent history, they have done so behind closed doors.Turkey's longstanding crackdown on Kurdish autonomy intensified for a decade starting in 1980, following a military coup d'état....

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  • Director - Meshakai Wolf
  • Editor - Meshakai Wolf
  • Producers - Meshakai Wolf and Greg Scarborough
  • Translator - Ergin Opengin