"Water, Water, Everywhere"

"Drought and inundation: ascendant ordeals in an age of ecological extremes." In a new essay in Granta, Jungles co-founder Darrell Hartman writes about the uncertain future of water on a warming planet. As disaster looms, enlightened citizens are (re-)discovering water as a form of medicine. Contradiction? Actually, it sort of makes sense, as we try to reframe our relationship to the natural world before extreme weather events do the reframing for us.

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In North Africa, Endangered Macaques Are Getting Squeezed Out By Humans

No 98

The Barbary macaque (Macaca sylvanus) is in many ways a holdout. It is the only remaining primate—apart from humans, of course—in North Africa and Europe. And of the world’s 23 macaque species, it is the only one that lives outside of Asia.The ginger-furred primate strikes a somewhat unlikely figure in the mixed cedar and oak forests of Morocco, which is home to...

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