A Q&A with Photographer Matt Hamon

Meet the man behind our story about a group of primitive-skills practitioners in Montana. His name is Matt Hamon, and his stunning photos of these earnest and sustainability-minded frontier revivalists "encapsulate the history of the American West, in all its beauty and complexity, its contradictions and underlying tensions." That's according to Tim Sohn, who wrote about Hamon's subjects for us and also conducted a bonus Q&A.

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A Group of Frontier Revivalists Goes Back to the Bloody Basics

No 90

[Bonus reading: See our Q&A with photographer Matthew Hamon.]They are characters that seem drawn from either the distant past or some future dystopia, figures out of the mythic American west, hacking up meat and chopping wood, clad in buckskin, fur, and plaid, the occasional baby slung over a hip. Their hands are slopped in blood and their encampment dotted...

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