Thanks for Coming!

Our weekend "BarnStorm" event in New York State's Catskill mountains went off beautifully. Thanks to all who came up for square dancing, films, barbecue, fireside and yoga storytelling, and who stuck around to watch the horse whisperer do his thing on Sunday morning. And to our partners at Narratively,, and The Kaaterskill!

Wherever you are, stay tuned for our next event. Our home base is New York City. But exploring other places is what we do.

(Photo: Erinn Springer.)


Taiwan's Shrimp-Fishing Bars

No 75

Tiny, circular “fishing floats,” attached to baited lines, bob on the water like wayward mini-beach balls. Plastic lawn chairs scrape against the concrete floor, as would-be fishermen shift and wait for the slightest tug. Tinny Mandarin music accompanies the bubbling of large water filters. But the most evocative sound reverberating through Taiwan’s catch-your-own...

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  • Director - Tim Cheng
  • Producer - Oliver Hartman
  • Cinematographer - Vadim Aynbinder
  • Editor - Matt Schaff
  • Color - Carlos Flores
  • Sound design & audio mix - Josh Wilson
  • Text - Greg von Portz

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