Jungles in Paris interview: Wim Wenders

Earlier this year, we met legendary director Wim Wenders. Without missing a beat, he quipped: “Jungles in Paris, France, or Jungles in Paris, Texas?” The latter is, of course, the title of the 1984 film that helped turn Wenders into a giant of international cinema. At 69, the globe-trotting German has also made more than a dozen feature-length documentaries, many of which turn a curious eye on world cultures. In short, he is one of the most inspiring living filmmakers for us. Jungles co-founder and editor Darrell Hartman sat down with Wenders to talk about his latest film, Salt of the Earth, and issues of visual storytelling, "re-wilding," and more.

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Blades of Steel: Thailand's Premier Sword Maker

No 52

The iron blade of the dha – also called a daab or darb – stretches out from a round handle into a long, subtle curve that widens toward the tip. This single-edged sword, of a type that has been used for centuries across Indochina, is both strong and flexible. It is a thing of beauty. It is also a deadly tool. Ajarn Kor...

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  • Director/cinematographer - James MacDonald
  • Producer - Oliver Hartman
  • Editor - Matt Schaff
  • Colorist - Ashley Ayarza
  • Translator - Pam Soontornpadungsin