A Jungles-Approved Film Fest, For Those in New York

Our friends over at the New York Wild Film Festival are putting on their annual event this coming weekend, January 28-31, at The Explorers Club. Hard to beat this one for a crop of recent documentaries on adventure & environmental themes. In usual fashion, the fest is mostly sold out. But tickets for the Saturday evening (January 30) session are still available!

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Greenland's Garden of Rusting Barrels

No 64

In Eastern Greenland, about 30 nautical miles from the 2,000-person town of Tasiilaq, a decades-old U.S. military installation returns ever so slowly to the earth. “Bluie East Two," as this World War II base was called, was built in 1943 and abandoned four years later. ('Bluie' was the American wartime codename for Greenland.) Today, metal husks remain. The...

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