Jungles in Paris / META Gallery: "Dreams of the Ocean" Photo Sale

A few months ago, a contemporary art gallery in Monaco, META, asked us to curate some ocean-themed photography for the principality's Ocean Art Week. We tapped a trio of Jungles contributors from around the world and came up with "Dreams of the Ocean," which opened on April 12. The collection uses a range of photographic styles and perspectives (and taps into a diversity of marine landscapes) to engage with some of the bluest zones on our Blue Planet. The work is on sale now, if you've got a moment go have a look.

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For Centuries, “Kukeri” Have Helped Locals Frighten Off Winter’s Worst

No 104

“This is why festive folk laughter presents an element of victory not only over supernatural awe, over the sacred, over death; it also means the defeat of power, of earthly kings, of the earthly upper classes, of all that oppresses and restricts.” -Mikhail BakhtinFebruary in Pernik, Bulgaria: a landscape of drab high-rises, rusty kiosques and knee-deep gray snow....

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