'Something Atavistic, I Guess'

This fall we've run a pair of stories featuring the wildlife photography of Ugo Mellone: one about Barbary macaques in Morocco, and another (our current lead story) about the Iberian ibex. Mellone has spent years studying these remarkable Spanish mountain goats, and also contributed the article accompanying that story. Recently, we decided to get to know the Italian-born, Spain-based photographer a bit better. Check out the new Q&A over on our blog, in which Mellone talks about his techniques, interests, inspirations, and opinions about field-friendly sleeping bags.

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Nenets herders live nomadically, using reindeer to pull their possessions across snow and ice

No 100

The Nenets people live in Northwestern Siberia, in a sparsely populated territory that covers about 68,000 square miles from the northern arctic coast down past the northern treeline. There, austere tundra gives way to a forest of pine, birch, and larch. Snow remains on the ground for nine months of the year, and the rivers are frozen most of the time. Winter...

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