"Water, Water, Everywhere"

"Drought and inundation: ascendant ordeals in an age of ecological extremes." In a new essay in Granta, Jungles co-founder Darrell Hartman writes about the uncertain future of water on a warming planet. As disaster looms, enlightened citizens are (re-)discovering water as a form of medicine. Contradiction? Actually, it sort of makes sense, as we try to reframe our relationship to the natural world before extreme weather events do the reframing for us.

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Where anatomical adjustment is for boys, not babies—and they get the royal treatment

No 97

Circumcision, or sünnet, is a bigger deal for a man in Turkey than in most other places where it is practiced. Despite a shift towards modern methods—where the foreskin is snipped shortly after birth, in hospital—a considerable number of Turkish boys, including well-off ones who live in cities, go under the knife around the age of seven or eight, when they are old...

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