We Won Big at Palm Springs!

Our latest short film, "Dulce," won the Best Documentary award at Palm Springs ShortFest 2018. We are super thrilled! And glad the little community from coastal Colombia that let us film there could make waves so far beyond its own shores. Great job to co-directors Angello & Guille, producer Annie Bush, exec producer Lee Pace, Conservation International and everyone else who worked on the film in Colombia and the U.S. We'll be showing 'Dulce' more throughout summer and fall. Follow the film's FB page for more info and updates.

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Lessons of a Peruvian Medicine Man

No 105

When illness strikes in the Peruvian Amazon, the person to seek out has traditionally been a curandero. Spanish for "healer," this skilled practitioner treats everything from bad luck to a bad back. The forest is his pharmacy. His knowledge of native roots, barks, flowers, leaves, is a centuries-old inheritance. It’s much more sophisticated than meets the eye—and...

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  • Filmmakers - Guille Isa and Bill Silva
  • Producers - David Algar and Martin Gomez Mora
  • Executive Producers - Oliver & Darrell Hartman
  • Editor - Bil Silva
  • Original Music & Location Sound - David Algar
  • Sound Mix - Josh Wilson
  • Color - Evan Allan
  • Text - Greg von Portz

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