Just Hanging

We're pleased to announce our first real gallery show, done in collaboration with our friends at FotoFoam! They do great printing and framing. If you're in New York, swing by their space at 805 Washington St. (it's in the meatpacking district) anytime between May 15 and May 31.

We're showing (and selling) photos by Jungles co-founder Oliver Hartman and a regular contributor of ours, Ayla Hibri. Her photos of welders in Eritrea, right, will be the subject of a forthcoming Jungles story. Stay tuned for it!

Check out more work by Ayla Hibri

A Cape Town Specialty: "Smiley," or Boiled Sheep’s Head

No 46

In the township of Langa, in Cape Town, South Africa, a woman lifts a smoldering sheep's head out of brightly burning flames. The expression on its scorched face is fiendish, with lips curled back into a toothy grin. Preparing this choice piece of livestock anatomy has nothing to do with superstition or scare tactics. It's a local food item called “smiley," and...

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