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In the Canary Islands, Daredevil Climbers Tap Trees for 'Honey'

No 102

Humans have commandeered the palm tree as a religious symbol and a sun shelter, woven its fibers into mats and chairs, and eaten and drunk from its coconuts. A native plant in many an early civilization, it has been providing for millennia. On La Gomera, part of Spain’s Canary archipelago, this tree furnishes something else: a sweet, golden-brown liquid called miel...

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  • Director & Cinematographer - Angello Faccini
  • Editors - Pablo Paloma and Angello Faccini
  • Production Manager - Carmen Triana
  • Color - Angello Faccini
  • Sound Recording - Oriol Bonais
  • Sound Design - Claudia Ballester
  • Executive Producers - Darrell & Oliver Hartman
  • Text - Greg von Portz

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