An Essay on Lost Jungle Cities

Some fictions turn out to be true. Take, for example, the old myths about abandoned civilizations in the South American rainforest. Archaeologists have been arguing more persuasively in recent decades that there's something to these fantastic tales after all. Some of the cities may really have existed -- and their ruins have something to tell us about human history and alternative ways of living in nature. Jungles co-founder Darrell Hartman writes about it over at The Paris Review.

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Meet the Shepherds of the Lesotho Highlands

No 88

Late afternoon on the plateau, and the cattle are on the move. As the sun slips below the mountains, herding dogs nip around the fringes of a meandering column of animals: sheep and goats, bulls and cows. Presiding over all of them are the sharp-eyed horsemen of Semonkong. These herders ride amidst the clangor of handmade cowbells, and in the fading light the...

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