Annie Dillard's "Total Eclipse"

"The sun was too small, and too cold, and too far away, to keep the world alive." Annie Dillard witnessed a total eclipse in 1979, and the essay she wrote about the experience--touching on mortality, the mind, the natural world, and much more--is just about the best piece of writing we've read in a long while. The Atlantic, which ran the piece in 1982, recently made the timely decision to republish it.

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The Bajau People of Sulawesi Might Be the Most Aquatic Humans on Earth

No 95

Bajau children learn to swim around the time they take their first steps. The hours they spend underwater serve to strengthen their eye muscles, enabling them to see as well as some marine species do. They don’t use scuba equipment, instead learning to hold their breath for up to five minutes, and to know the relaxed, almost trance-like state that precedes a long...

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