"Sacred Spaces" in NYC

If you're in New York in coming months, we have an exhibition to recommend: "Sacred Spaces," at the Rubin Museum of Art until June 5. It involves a listening room, a Tibetan Buddhist shrine, and spinning projections of kaleidoscopic images. The unifying thread is a soundtrack of Himalayan winds, made from recordings taken at high-altitude monasteries in Mustang, Nepal. To be in its presence is truly to be transported: towards a beautiful culture, belief system, and way of being.

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Prowling Rainforest Paths with the Indigenous Awá People

No 85

When they say they’re going out to hunt, people in the Awá tribe use the word watá, which translates roughly as “to walk.” Watá kaa means both “to go hunting in the forest” and “to go walking in the forest.” Watá can also be translated, “to search for food.” It can describe a deer eating ripe fruit off a tree, a gang of beetles tearing through bags of stored grain,...

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