Jungles in Paris / META Gallery: "Dreams of the Ocean" Photo Sale

A few months ago, a contemporary art gallery in Monaco, META, asked us to curate some ocean-themed photography for the principality's Ocean Art Week. We tapped a trio of Jungles contributors from around the world and came up with "Dreams of the Ocean," which opened on April 12. The collection uses a range of photographic styles and perspectives (and taps into a diversity of marine landscapes) to engage with some of the bluest zones on our Blue Planet. The work is on sale now, if you've got a moment go have a look.

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Lessons of a Peruvian Medicine Man

No 105

When illness strikes in the Peruvian Amazon, the person to seek out has traditionally been a curandero. Spanish for "healer," this skilled practitioner treats everything from bad luck to a bad back. The forest is his pharmacy. His knowledge of native roots, barks, flowers, leaves, is a centuries-old inheritance. It’s much more sophisticated than meets the eye—and...

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  • Filmmakers - Guille Isa and Bill Silva
  • Producers - David Algar and Martin Gomez Mora
  • Executive Producers - Oliver & Darrell Hartman
  • Editor - Bil Silva
  • Original Music & Location Sound - David Algar
  • Sound Mix - Josh Wilson
  • Color - Evan Allan
  • Text - Greg von Portz

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