National Park Service Releases Sound Map

After going through 1.5 million hours of sound recordings, the NPS has released a map detailing the quietest natural spots in the U.S. Here's hoping the publicity doesn't destroy the very thing being studied! But it's a positive step in the field of bio-acoustics. Sometimes we get so caught up in visuals we forget to tune into all the wonders we can't see.

Check out the map

Medieval Pomp, Modern Times: Siena's Palio Parade

No 68

Siena's Palio, or medieval horse race, is the most famous in Italy. The city hosts two of these lively affairs every summer. A mad dash of colliding mounts and tumbling jockeys, the 75-second race itself is intense and brief. Much less celebrated than this equestrian scramble is the parade that comes right before it, an elaborate warm-up to the main event that...

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