An Ode to Panama

Jungles contributor Sofia Verzbolovskis has launched a new print magazine. PRITTY, done in collaboration with NYC-based photographer and poet Andrew Seguin, uses photos, collages, and writings to cast an artistic gaze on Panama. You don't need to have a blood connection to the country, as Sofia does, to enjoy it. Definitely worth a look.

And if you're curious, Sofia shot our story on the retired "Red Devil" buses of Panama City.

Check out the first issue

Passion of the Christ: Semana Santa in Granada, Spain

No 51

The cultural heritage of Andalusia combines Moorish and Catholic elements, a rich intertwining that is evident in the region's flamenco, tapas, and bullfighting traditions. This large swathe of southern Spain is, broadly speaking, known for the intensity of its culture. And things are often most intense during Semana Santa, the Catholic holy week that leads up to...

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