Jungles in Paris / META Gallery: "Dreams of the Ocean" Photo Sale

A few months ago, a contemporary art gallery in Monaco, META, asked us to curate some ocean-themed photography for the principality's Ocean Art Week. We tapped a trio of Jungles contributors from around the world and came up with "Dreams of the Ocean," which opened on April 12. The collection uses a range of photographic styles and perspectives (and taps into a diversity of marine landscapes) to engage with some of the bluest zones on our Blue Planet. The work is on sale now, if you've got a moment go have a look.

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In Himeshima, Japan, an Ancestral Festival Turns Boys and Girls Into “Foxes” and “Princesses”

No 103

Himeshima, Japan, located just off of the southern island of Kyushu, is known for a few things. Tasty kuruma ebi, or tiger prawn, is one of them. Another is its work-sharing economy, an anomaly in this capitalistic Asian nation. A third claim to fame is Himeshima’s idiosyncratic celebration of Obon, a summertime ritual that brings families together to commune with...

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