Wonders of the Wild: A Rare Pale Tiger

Tiger, tiger, burning white -- photographer Nilanjan Ray captured this remarkably pale-pelted example in the wild earlier this month. Genetic variations occasionally leach the orange from a tiger's coat. But to this extent? Hardly ever. The tiger was spotted in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. A reminder that nature works in mysterious ways. And that the results can be breathtaking.


In Remotest Russia, A Pagan Solstice Festival Celebrates High Summer

No 94

As the sun pokes over the horizon, thousands of outstretched fingers reach out in welcome. The ‘Greeting of the Sun’ ceremony is the high point of the Yhyakh summer Solstice celebrations in Yakutia, in the far northeastern corner of Russia. To understand the significance of this summer ritual, it helps to know a thing or two about the winter here. Mainly,...

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  • Photographer - Ayar Kuo
  • Text - Laurent Fromme

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